Certain politicians get thanks from moms for Mother’s Day

A group of about 20 moms and their kids – a stroller brigade – strolled along the street between Missoula’s Public Library and Montana Sens. Jon Tester and Max Baucus’ Missoula offices earlier today.

Stroller brigadeHere’s why: They were showing their support for strong federal clean air protections, and wanted to thank the senators for their support of stronger Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

The full news release on the event is available below.

But as they say: Wait, there’s more!

Montana Women Vote is also encouraging folks to thank their favorite state politicians now that the 2011 legislative session has come to a close.

“As this challenging Montana legislative session has come to an end, we can all be grateful to the brave and tireless legislators who stood and advocated for issues important to women and families,” says the notice sent out by Montana Women Vote.

The note includes a link to a Mother’s Day card you can print out, write on and send to an elected official of your choice. It reads, “Thank you from all the mothers, fathers, children and grandchildren for your hard work for the future of Montana. Your mama would be proud.”

The folks at Montana Women Vote, thorough people that they are, also include handy links to a complete list of Montana legislator addresses, and a list of other statewide elected officials’ addresses.

If one of your favorite state legislators happens to be Missoula Democrat Carol Williams, the first female Senate Majority Leader in Montana history, then you will be delighted with this coming Sunday’s guest column. It’s also about certain congressional delegates and the Clean Air Act.

But, dear readers, I won’t make you wait to read the opinion piece by Williams, a mother of three and grandmother of three. Here’s a special sneak peek for your reading pleasure, following the news release about the stroller brigade.

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Help Pablo Elementary win $25,000

Pablo Elementary physical education teacher Darci Nice wrote an essay on what her school could do with $25,000 that beat out hundreds of others submitted from schools across the nation to become one of the top 10 finalists in the Henkel Help Kids Get fit contest.

Now, Pablo needs your vote to win. The more online votes, the better the chances Pablo will get that $25,000 and Nice can put her essay plan into action. Each voter is allowed one vote per day, so you can keep casting votes until the contest ends on Dec. 12.

Good luck, Pablo!

– MM

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Montana’s kids have already voted, and the results may surprise you

Montana voters will have to wait until the polls close tomorrow and the votes are totaled before finding out the results of this year’s elections.

But Montana’s students have already voted – in this year’s mock elections – and the results are available online.

Not only can you view the student vote tallies for Montana U.S. representative and state Supreme Court justices, you can also see how the four ballot initiatives fared – as well as how Montana kids feel about several important national issues: the economy, energy, health care and immigration.

But the poll result that most surprised me was one that Montana’s adult voters won’t find on their ballots.  Students were asked when they should be allowed to use their cell phones during school hours, and given the choices of: never, in case of emergency, outside of class time, and anytime. A strong majority – 2,507 voters – picked “outside of class time.”


Oh yeah, and no clear winner emerged from the best ice-cream flavor question. Chocolate had the edge on vanilla, with strawberry trailing far behind – but “other” won the most votes. I’m guessing that’s because huckleberry wasn’t listed as a flavor.

– MM

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