Fire Monster Garbage Can

That’s what Landon says he wants to name his first child. Boy or girl? Doesn’t matter.

Good thing that’s a loooooooooong ways away.

Willow says she doesn’t intend to have any HUMAN children, ever. But she is undoubtedly going to have lots of kitten babies, in which case, she will wait to see what the kittens look like before she names them.

Isn’t she a sensible soul?

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Moms and name-calling

I’ve yet to come across a term I feel adequately describes moms who have paying jobs in addition to the jobs they have as moms, and moms who don’t.

“Working moms” and “stay-at-home moms” don’t quite work for me, because the stay-at-home moms I know don’t just “stay at home,” and they work bloody hard, too. They just don’t get a paycheck for it.

Does anyone know a better term? What do you prefer to be called (If, you know, you have to be called something)? And are there any similar terms that apply to dads?

– Missoula Mom

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What’s in a name?

I know this ran a couple of weeks ago, but I still wonder if “most popular name” lists have any impact. Would knowing that Ethan was the most popular name for boys in Montana influence your decision to name your baby Ethan? Or, for girls, Madison?

You would think that Montana place names would be more popular in Montana. I’ve met a couple of Libbys and Conrads, but I can’t say for sure they were named for those towns in Montana. On the other hand, places like Butte and Beaverhead don’t really lend themselves to baby names, do they?

– Tyler Christensen