The Daily Kitten: The Gray

The Gray is a beauty. The photo below doesn’t begin to do her justice. She’s a big, sleek kitten with blue eyes, a gray coat and white paws and chest.

This photo does, however, hint at her feisty nature. The Gray likes to attack! She’s a pouncer who stalks and takes down her brothers and sisters with stealth and gusto. She will also go after human hands and feet – but can be soothed into submission with a few firm pets.

Contact the Humane Society of Western Montana if you think you might be the right human for her. And for golly’s sake, do it soon! These kittens aren’t going to be kittens forever.

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Mountain Home moving into new building – with Missoula’s support

Mountain HomeThis past Wednesday Mountain Home Montana cut the ribbon on its brand-new building, cheered on by the community. The nonprofit provides a home – and much, much more – for young pregnant women and new moms between the ages of 16 and 24.

The ribbon-cutting comes after a spate of recent misfortune, however. Floods, crib recalls, mold discoveries – not encouraging stuff. But it was met with an outpouring of community support.

As outlined in today’s Missoulian editorial, Mountain Home Montana could use just a little bit more support to see it through this critical time. It would be just wonderful if it could close out its capital campaign – only $240,000 more to go! – well before its September goal.

If you can help, visit Mountain Home Montana’s website at or call 541-4663.

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Man caves are out, mom caves are in

My husband’s stuff has a way of invading our shared space. There’s “our” stuff and then there’s “my” stuff and “his” stuff. “My” stuff tends to stay where I put it, in small and tidy piles, while my husband’s stuff has slowly filled our small garage to the ceiling and regularly spills into adjacent areas.
Just as I occassionally grab a shovel and scoop all of my daughter’s clothes, baby dolls, stuffed animals, Polly Pockets, books, papers, crayons, etc., back into her room, I sometimes do the same with my husband’s collection of tools, magazines, bike parts and other toys.

Turns out I have been missing out. Instead of trying to push my family members’ stuff back into their respective designated spaces, I should have been carving out and defending a space of my own.

That’s right: I need a mom cave.

Just as a “man cave” is a sanctuary for men, a “mom cave” is a santuary for moms. A man cave, according to Wikipedia, “is a male-only space to retreat to, watch sports matches, or play video games. According to psychiatrist and author Scott Haltzman, it is important for a man to have a place to call his own, referring to a male area to which to retreat. Some psychologists claim that a man cave can provide refuge from stressful surroundings and be beneficial to marriage.”

Well, Word Spy calls a mom cave “an area of a house that a woman can decorate to her tastes and be alone to pursue her own projects and interests. Also: mum cave.” It cites as references several mentions in recent articles, such as this USA Today piece that ran on Jan. 22 titled “Women find a space of their own with mom caves.” Many more examples can be found with a quick Google search.

I think it’s time to go spelunking, fellow moms.

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New marketing trend targets kids as ‘the new home decorators’

I really wasn’t sure about the color my daughter had chosen until it was up on the wall of her bedroom. It’s a bright raspberry-ish color called “Calypso.” Did I mention that it’s bright? Really bright? That’s why it only covers one-and-a-half walls of her otherwise all-white room.

Despite my early trepidation, the color has grown on me. I like it. And it’s only paint.

The kiddos profiled in this Wall Street Journal article take decorating their rooms to a whole ‘nother level – and are, apparently, contributing to the marketing trend that has home furnishing retailers racing to capture the attention of the under-18 set.

“Sales of home merchandise geared to the under-18 market make up one of the fastest-growing segments in the home-furnishing industry, according to NPD Group, of Port Washington, N.Y.,” the WSJ reports. In fact, some businesses have even launched new tween- and teen-centered brands.

Fortunately, my daughter is only 6 and therefore still a bit young to embrace this trend and assume full responsibility for coordinating her bedroom furnishings. In fact, her idea of classy home decor is Scotch-taping small objects to the wall – another decorating choice that has slowly grown on me.

– MM

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