A Christmas present from the Carousel: free rides!

Theresa Cox, executive director of A Carousel for Missoula, just sent out the news that the Carousel will be offering free rides on Christmas Day – that’s tomorrow, folks! – from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. as its “Christmas gift to the community.”


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Kids Christmas present no-nos: Keys to the car, shot of whiskey or electronic device

I usually don’t enjoy shopping, but I have to say that it is fun to shop for Christmas presents for my kiddos. They’re at an age when they think everything under the sun is marvelous. The wrapping is amazing, the toy is wonderful and the box it came in is super fun, too!

Recently I got an interesting email from the Environmental Health Trust warning parents not to buy electronics for their kids. I’ll refrain from comment and just share the message, below:

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Survey says moms will get pampered this Mother’s Day

The countdown to Mother’s Day 2011 has begun! We now have less than a week to go, and according to some recent reports, we moms can look forward to an extra spending – er – extra-special day.

A National Retail Federation survey completed in late April predicts that Americans are poised to spend more on Mother’s Day this year than they have in recent years. The chart included with the article shows a very short timeline, but it does have 2011 spending returning to roughly 2007-2008 levels.

And that, mamas, means spending is expected to top $16 billion. That’s a lot of flowers and greeting cards.

Then again, BizReport has an article up about how online shoppers are expected to spend 10 percent more than other retail shoppers. The article notes one-third of shoppers “intend to spend $219.40 on their moms, 10% more than last year.”

Then there’s this: “A new survey from the Mom Complex, the marketing-to-mothers division of the Martin Agency, reports that 30% of moms say they typically get honored for no more than 5 to 10 minutes on Mother’s Day. In fact, 40% feel their husband and children come first on Mother’s Day, and 12% feel they don’t even make the list.”

How’s that for a mixed message?

Personally, the best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve gotten didn’t cost a dime. My first Mother’s Day, my 7-month-old surprised me by sleeping for a full six uninterrupted hours. The next year, she gave me a near-perfect circle she had cut out of construction paper, all by herself. I carried it around with me for weeks and showed it to all my coworkers. It still fills me with pride whenever I look at it.

And last year, my daughter sang this song, to the tune of “O Christmas Tree”: On Mother’s Day, on Mother’s Day/ O how I love you mom/ On Mother’s Day, on Mother’s Day/ O how I love you mom/ You give me joy and happiness/ I give you love, a hug and kiss/ On Mother’s Day, on Mother’s Day/ O how I love you mom.

What’s been your favorite Mother’s Day gift, either given or received?

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Children’s Museum has awesome alphabet poster by Josh Quick

Quick alphabet

Looking for a cool but family-friendly gift idea? Check out this poster by Missoula artist Josh Quick.

Sweet, huh?

Quick designed the poster exclusively for the Children’s Museum in Missoula. Run by Families First, the museum is offering the poster for sale for $12 each – making it a fun and affordable Christmas gift idea for the kiddo on your list.

And if you want to up the ante a bit, the Children’s Museum is offering a membership special – family membership and a poster for just $75. The offer is good until Dec. 31, so you’ve got about a month to snag this deal.

Call the museum at 541-PLAY for more information.

– MM

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Mom on the mountain

Moms in Missoula woke up to a special treat on Mother’s Day; “somebody” had added an “O” and an “M” to the “M” on Mt. Sentinel.

The Missoulian’s Arthur Mouratidis (who really has a knack with the camera) forwarded this photo he took of the grand gift to all of Missoula’s moms: 


– MM

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