The Girls Way is up and running in Missoula

Girls Way The paper has a cute story about the new Girls Way center in Missoula today. The center is a nonprofit that provides fun and fitness to girls ages 10-18.

Business reporter Jenna Cederberg was there for for the first class – a rock ‘n roll ballet class.

For more information call 830-3018

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Get a sneak peak of The Girls Way nonprofit fitness center

Missoula has been abuzz all week with the news that the new fitness center for girls is ready to open.

The Girls Way is a nonprofit organization that offers classes in fun things like yoga, zumba and oola (those last two are like dance aerobic classes), as well as seminars and workshops on topics of interest to girls ages 10 to 18. The center and its mission spins off a similar concept director Stephanie Boone originally offered through the Women’s Club and which met with resounding popularily.

Tomorrow you can see for yourself what all the buzz is about as The Girls Way holds its Grand Unveiling and Sneak Peak Aucution. Friday, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., there will be food, drink, music and fun – and an auction featuring dozens of donated items, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to fund scholarships to The Girls Way for girls from low-income families.

And Saturday the center will official open at 9:30 a.m., with a ceremony featuring Missoula Mayor John Engen scheduled for 9:45 a.m. From the time the doors open until they close at 4 p.m., visitors can check out 15-minute sample classes, the Hellgate Roller Girls and former Olympic gold medalist Eric Bergoust, take tours and sip Black Coffee Roasting Co. coffee and nibble Le Petit Bakery pastries.

Makes sense, given that The Girls Way is Black Coffee and Le Petit’s new neighbor in the Home Resource Center. The address is 1515 Wyoming St. Ste. 300.

Oh, and did I mention that girls can attend classes at The Girls Way for FREE for the rest of February?

For more information, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.

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New fitness center for girls coming to Missoula

Watch for the opening of The Girls Way, a new nonprofit fitness and activity center catering to girls ages 10-18, in Missoula in mid-February.

The folks behind the new all-girls center have gotten some great grants already but are still in the fundraising stage. One the center opens, they expect to charge $35 a month for a membership, but will also offer a sliding scale and full scholarships.

According to the Missoulian article in today’s paper, “In addition to fitness classes, the program will include lectures on skin care, healthy dating and nutrition, as well as workshops on things like gardening, job skills, self defense and journaling.”

The center will be located in the up-and-coming Russell Street neighborhood that also houses  Home Resource and the Black Coffee Roasting Co.

Call program director Stephanie Boone at 370-2697 for more information.

– MM

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Help Pablo Elementary win $25,000

Pablo Elementary physical education teacher Darci Nice wrote an essay on what her school could do with $25,000 that beat out hundreds of others submitted from schools across the nation to become one of the top 10 finalists in the Henkel Help Kids Get fit contest.

Now, Pablo needs your vote to win. The more online votes, the better the chances Pablo will get that $25,000 and Nice can put her essay plan into action. Each voter is allowed one vote per day, so you can keep casting votes until the contest ends on Dec. 12.

Good luck, Pablo!

– MM

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Exercise addiction shared by mother, daughter

“Mom, have you seen the infomercial for the Mari Winsor ACCELERATOR Pilates tape?” my toned and trim daughter asked me on the phone.  “I was tempted, and I knew you would be too.”

I had heard of the new addition to the collection of Pilates DVD’s this wonder woman developed.  But I had decided, quite practically, that it involved extra equipment and was too complicated; I was entirely satisfied with the Advanced Circle Pilates set.  I have accepted my body, just as it is—supplemented, that is, with a staggering heart rate and muscle toning routine, daily.  My name is Kathleen Clary Miller, and I am a workout-aholic.

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Much ado about abdominals

“What does it mean when someone refers to abdominal muscle appearance as ‘six-pack’ abs?’ I asked my 25-year-old daughter, who breathes only to find the next exercise regimen.

Kate’s gone from to Bosu Ball Aerobics class to Zumba workout; one might say from A to Z. I knew she would be my optimal information source.

“A six-pack of what?” I elaborated. “Beer cans lying sideways? Diet Coke?”

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Isn’t it the perfect day for a stroll?

Today I got an e-mail from Stephanie Topp, who started a Stroller Strides franchise in Missoula about a year and a half ago.

“I was out walking on day with my son and I thought to myself, man, you would think there was a program for moms and their kids,” she writes. “So when I got home I googled Mom and Baby Fitness. The first thing on the list was Stroller Strides. So I requested the franchise information and was very impressed with the program.”

I had heard of Stroller Strides before but wasn’t sure exactly what it was until Stephanie dropped me a note. It’s basically what it sounds like – a fitness program for moms with stroller-age children. The cool thing is, you don’t have to find someone to watch the kids while you get exercise. And, you get to hang out with other moms. Stephanie says a typical class has four or five moms.

Stephanie took special training in order to lead these classes, which are offered five days a week, with a class each in the morning and another in the evening.

Give Stephanie a call at 370-9374 or send her an e-mail at for more information.

– Tyler Christensen

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