The Daily Kitten: Big Momma and some great news!

Last but not least, here’s the momma cat!

We’re not sure if her official name is Augustine or Hickory, but true to tradition we’re just calling her Momma Cat. She has the same calico coloring as two of her kittens, but she’s mostly white with soft, short hair.

She’s good to her kittens and good to us. She’s not at all possessive of her babies and just wants some loving for herself once in a while too. She does have an escapist tendency, although with eight kittens to look after who could blame her for needing a break once in a while.

Like seven of her eight babies, momma here is available for adoption through the Humane Society of Western Montana.

But one kitten is no longer up for grabs! That’s right, one of her kittens – Angel – will soon be going home with her new family. It’s a family we know so we’ll be able to visit. Isn’t that great news?

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The Daily Kitten: Jewel

The last of our eight kittens gets two pictures: one so you can see her beautiful markings; the other so you can see her beautiful personality.

Jewel here is a lap cat all right. Inquire with the Western Montana Humane Society if you’d like to cuddle this sweet kitty on your lap.

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The Daily Kitten: Halloween edition with Mister

If you’re wearing a hat, hold onto it – ’cause this kitten will blow. your. mind.

Heeeeeeeeere’s Mister!

Do you see that? Do you SEE that? Look at his little mustache!

Yes, this kitten comes wearing a year-round Halloween outfit (he’s dressed as An Absolute Gentleman, or perhaps someone from The Great Gatsby), which is why he’s Missoula Mom’s featured kitten of the day. That, and he’s awesome.

Seriously, I know we moms aren’t supposed to have favorites but … he’s my favorite. He’s my husband’s favorite too, and the kids’ favorite. He’s the smallest of the litter, but he gives the biggest love. He’s the kitten who, when you walk in the door, will pad right over and sit on your feet, looking up at you adoringly.

How can you stand it?! Tell the Humane Society of Western Montana that you want Mister and you want him now!

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The Daily Kitten: Tootsie

Tootsie is a sweetie with lots of energy. She likes to climb whatever’s handy – curtains, legs, you name it.

She’s not a very big kitten, but she gives big love. Contact the Humane Society of Western Montana if you want her to love you.

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The Daily Kitten: Winkle

Orange cats have a reputation for being mellow, friendly, undemanding felines, and Winkle certainly fits this description.

When the other cats are tumbling all around the room, falling in the water dish or scattering litter everywhere, Winkle can often be found snoozing in a pile of blankets or watching the action upside-down while laying on his back. If he’s feeling particularly participatory, he might raise a paw at something.

He’s a lap cat that purrs if anyone so much as looks at him.

The Humane Society of Western Montana can tell you more about orange cats if you’re interested in making Winkle a part of your family.

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The Daily Kitten: The Gray

The Gray is a beauty. The photo below doesn’t begin to do her justice. She’s a big, sleek kitten with blue eyes, a gray coat and white paws and chest.

This photo does, however, hint at her feisty nature. The Gray likes to attack! She’s a pouncer who stalks and takes down her brothers and sisters with stealth and gusto. She will also go after human hands and feet – but can be soothed into submission with a few firm pets.

Contact the Humane Society of Western Montana if you think you might be the right human for her. And for golly’s sake, do it soon! These kittens aren’t going to be kittens forever.

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The Daily Kitten: Chief

Say hello to the second kitten in our Daily Kitten series: Chief! He was going to be named Mischief but then we checked to see if he was a boy or a girl and decided to shorten it to just Chief.

Besides being the gorgeous color of a chai latte, he’s one of the “big four” of the eight kittens we’re currently fostering for the Humane Society of Western Montana. He’s large and in charge, with a relatively serious nature for a kitten. He plays, but he plays seriously. He doesn’t get all silly like the other kittens do.

This was actually the best picture we could get of him. In all the others he kept turning his back to the camera.

Love him already? Then get yourself to the Western Montana Humane Society pronto and let them know you’re interested.


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The Daily Kitten

Willow turned 9 years old earlier this month, so the number nine has been on my mind a lot lately. Nine means she’s halfway to 18 – and being an adult. Gulp!

Nine has also factored heavily into my consciousness these past few weeks because that is the number of felines we are currently fostering for the Western Montana Humane Society. Eight kittens and their momma.

Part of the reason we agreed to take on these little fuzzies is that they come with a mother cat that can provide them the round-the-clock care we can’t while we’re at work and school. But nine cats is still a TON of work. We have two litter boxes going and we’re scooping them out three times a day, sometimes more. We’re also going through exponential amounts of canned and dry kitten food.

The entire batch has to be kept separate from the rest of our pets, so they’re living in Willow’s room. Momma cat isn’t happy with this confinement, and we’ve had to tape a baking pan under the door to keep her from scratching up the carpet.

And now that the kittens are six weeks old, they are climbing all over everything – curtains, the bunk bed, the book shelves – and making enough noise at night that my daughter has to sleep on the couch in the living room.

But the fun part is all the hours and hours all four humans in our family get to spend snuggling the world’s cutest kitties.

Seriously. They are THE. WORLD’S. CUTEST. KITTENS.

While we can boast a 100 percent track record of finding great homes for our previous foster kitties, we don’t have a single taker for these – yet. I’m hoping y’all can help me out.

So I’ll be featuring a kitten a day for the next eight days, plus the momma cat ’cause she’s available too, right here on this website. If you’re interested, or know someone who might be interested, please have them inquire at the Western Montana Humane Society.

We’ll start with Angel, because she’s the kitten who got the most traffic when I posted her picture to Facebook.

She’s by far the fuzziest of all her brothers and sisters, and we named her Angel to describe her personality. She’s such a good kitty! Sweet and friendly and OK with being held upside-down by a pack of rambunctious children trying to get her into the itty-bitty Halloween costume they made for her. Maybe don’t tell the Humane Society about that part.

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On just saying “no” to more pets

We are one of those families that visits pet stores just to look at the puppies and kittens, guppies and spiders, lizards and other exotic animals we don’t usually see in real life – with absolutely no intention of buying them. Hey, Missoula doesn’t have a zoo.

With two biggish dogs and a crazy cat, our little house is currently as covered in pet hair as I can stand. We’re not bringing home any more animals until our daughter is old enough to help care them. Right now, it’s her job to feed them every morning and night, but she hasn’t exactly been consistent with this chore yet.

Fortunately, we know people who foster pets for the Humane Society, and so last year we had a box of kittens to squeal over, and more recently, we got to play with a half-dozen or so baby guinea pigs. And our neighbors recently got chickens, so we got to play with baby chicks.

I highly recommend playing with other people’s baby pets as an easier alternative to taking care of your own. In fact, I eagerly await the launch of some sort of Missoula pet co-op.

In the meantime, I’m wondering where all these pets come from. And how involved in their care are the kids? Care to share your ideas? You can do so by clicking on the box below.

– Tyler Christensen

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