Check out the Children’s Museum’s new exhibits for free!

You can tell a new school year is underway by the (in)frequency of my posts here. Busy busy busy!

On nice days when we don’t have anything else scheduled, we bike to school. It helps us work some wiggles out before the school day starts and settle down after school.

But now that I have a kiddo getting out of school and another at 3:30, then activities twice or three times a week that start at 4, we’ve having to drive the van to get where we’re going on time. Or relatively close to on time.

In the scramble I’ve missed posting a lot of stuff, but I wanted to make not to not miss free admission day at the Missoula Children’s Museum. It’s this Friday, Sept. 12, and it’s a chance to come check out the new September exhibits.

The two new exhibits were installed just yesterday, and they were kept secret so as to be a surprise.

So come downtown with the kids on Friday and be surprised!

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Fun and unusual activities for children

Camping! Fishing! Swimming!


Not by a long shot. Summers in western Montana offer a bounty of delights to keep children occupied on a daily basis, and Missoula especially has a host of summer programs, camps and projects designed to give kids that extra burst of knowledge and experience that can turn a passing interest into a beloved lifelong hobby.

For instance, as an aside to her reminder about Fall Family Fest, Missoula Parks and Rec communication specialist Becky Goodrich told Missoula Mom that in addition to all the usual classes and lessons for children, the department offers kids’ photography classes too.

But that’s just the beginning of a long list of fascinating – and rather unusual – children’s activities available right here in Missoula.

Mismo Gymnastics , for one, offers children’s parkour classes, “which I believe is the art of jumping off stuff,” Goodrich explained helpfully: “(Wikipedia says: a discipline that appeared first in France, more similar to a martial art than to a sport, focused on moving from one point to another as smoothly, efficiently and quickly as possible using the abilities of the human body. It is built on the philosophical premise that any obstacle, physical or mental, can be surpassed.)”

And there’s martial arts, like taekwondo and aikido.

There’s even fencing, offered through Missoula Youth Fencing.

“I would really like to get the word out about fencing to help expand the program,” Goodrich says. “It’s for 5 through adult, coached by guys from the UM Fencing Club… it’s a great sport, especially for kids who are not really into team sports.”

I’m sure there’s even more out there, and I’ve love to hear about them. What are your children into, and is there a class or activity tailored for their interests? If you know of any other favorite or unusual children’s activities in western Montana, drop me a line and I’ll share them here.

– Missoula Mom

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