Did you catch this letter on today’s Opinion page?

In it, a registered nurse and mom of twins takes note of the growing acceptance of breastfeeding she’s seen in Missoula.

Tiffany Manthie includes some interesting info, such as, “According to the Centers for Disease Control website, so far in 2013, 37.2 percent of all children born in Montana were still breast-feeding at 12 months, compared to 30.6 percent in 2009.”

She also gives a shout-out to both big hospitals in Missoula, certified lactation consultant and Nursing Nook owner Jennifer Stires, WIC, the La Leche League and, finally, all of Missoula.

Even if Missoula and Montana are growing more comfortable with public breastfeeding, it’s worth repeating that nursing mothers are fully covered by Montana law (no pun intended). They have every right – and plenty of reason – to feed their babies this way.

The law has been in place since 1999, and in fact was sponsored by a Missoula mom and state legislator – Carol Williams. Yet as recently as four years ago Missoula got itself all in an uproar over a mom who was asked by a restaurant manager to cover herself while breastfeeding her infant son.

Manthie, in contrast, recently fed her twins at a restaurant without receiving even “one second glance.”

We’ve come a long way, baby, and I hope to see more signs that Missoulians are growing more understanding and supportive of breastfeeding.

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