Testing the test

This press release from the Montana Office of Public Instruction landed in my inbox yesterday. I meant to share it right away but ran out of time, and since I’m still short on time I’d better just get it up on the site so y’all can read what I read without further delay.

And here it is:

Practice of New Online Assessment

Helps Montana Educators Prepare for 2015

New Test will set a New Baseline for Student Achievement 

Helena, MT – This year, Montana schools maintained their AYP determinations under the federal No Child Left Behind Act from the 2013 school year due to a “double-testing waiver” obtained by Superintendent Denise Juneau. Montana students in grades 3-8 and grade 11 participated in the field test of the new, online Smarter Balanced Assessment aligned to the Montana Common Core Standards. A field test is a “test of the test”, not the students. Because questions may be revised or dropped after the field test, no scores will be reported for students, schools, or the state.

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Juniors get to take ACT for free for second year in a row

Oh, the SAT, ACT and all those other tests. For many students, the only thing worse than being forced to take a test is having to pay for the privilege. The ACT alone can cost up to $50 bucks a pop.

Fortunately, Montana landed a grant that allows it to offer free ACT tests for four full years. This is the second year Montana’s public-school students in their junior year of high school get to take the test, fee-free.

Testing starts tomorrow! From the Montana Office of Public Instruction:

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