Swim Suit Season

Tis the season for sunshine and swimming. But before I get to enjoy summer, I need a new bathing suit. It’s been years since I purchased a new one and figured this season’s bright colors would be a nice refresher to my wardrobe as I enjoy splash-splashing.

That’s all? You don’t want to try on more, Jared asked on a recent afternoon as we took turns holding Baby Girl and trying on suits.

No. I remember why I hate bathing suit shopping. It always make me feel fat and now my boobs are down to my knees, I told him.

Last summer, of course, I was pregnant and was so happy to be cooled down that I didn’t care what I looked like as I luxuriated in the river or soaked my feet in the kiddie pool.

Since having Baby Girl, I thought I was making headway on maintaining a positive body image and found myself cheering on women posting scathing comments about the new “dad bod” and women who share images of their stretch-marked selves.

When shopping, though, I realized I’m not as comfortable in my own skin as I thought I had become.

Do you want to go anywhere else, Jared asked.

No. I just want to go home. I’m exhausted and now I feel fat, I said.

You’re not, he said. Remember, you’re still breastfeeding Baby Girl. You make milk. That’s your super power.

Stop it. You’re going to make me cry.

Are you laughing?

No. I’m totally crying, I said, wiping tears off my face.

But I didn’t feel fat anymore.

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Baggy bottoms

I caved.

Friday, I ventured into the world of maternity clothes.

I held out for six months, but those buttons on my jeans just aren’t comfortable anymore and neither are the rubber bands. Plus, my dresses are starting to look like what a friend calls “mullet dresses.”

Turns out, maternity clothes are really cute and, surprisingly, flattering.

The problem lies in their very solution, though.

Those elastic bands are comfy, but not really tight.

As if I don’t feel pudgy enough already, now I have to contend with pants that get saggy as the day goes on and require continual upward tugging.

Pretty soon it will be warm enough that I could probably get away with just wearing a bathing suit.

But I decided I should stick to maternity clothes for everyone’s sake – and eyesight.

So if you see me around town tugging, you know why.

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The laundry solution

I’m embarrassed to admit it’s taken me this long to figure out.

If I simply do one load of laundry each week day, then on the weekends, I only have a bazillion more loads of laundry to do.

In related sarcasm, both kids have finally embraced the concept of “layering.”


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