A cousin gave me some advice that I tried to heed and tried to get Jared to heed, but to no avail.

Don’t tell people what names you might use, my cousin warned. People are ruthless in making fun of them and feelings will be hurt.

This past week during a visit with my parents, we let slip some of the names we’re considering for Bob.

My cousin is really wise.

Mom didn’t like any of the names because they aren’t from the family tree. If Bob was saddled with a dead person’s name, we would pass down the history of that person when Bob asks why we chose whatever name we do. Hence, the family legacy will be alive and well – never mind that the names I like from the family tree Jared doesn’t like or are already taken.

Also, we can’t use a name from one side without using one from the other side. That uses up our two spots, and although Jared likes mine, he doesn’t want Bob to have four names.

Plan B: Use names from places we love. But that’s problematic because I want to use one from Virginia. Names like Prince George, Moomaw and Monticello aren’t really suitable for human use, though, and Jackson (River) is apparently popular right now for children younger than 5. The significance would be lost. And we can’t use Virginia, because, well, I have a crazy relative named the same.

Places in Montana roll off the tongue a little easier, but will kids make fun of Bob for being named after the lake their families camp at every summer?

That leads us to Oscar. I love the name and Jared is at least luke-warm on it. My family hates it. The entire week they found ways to sneak the name into conversation to show how horrible it is and how much fun other kids would make of Bob for it. Dad even named the brown trout Jared caught in the creek Oscar.

Just keeping the name Bob is sounding better and better all the time.

Any advice on how to at least manage the Pandora’s Box we opened?