This blog was born on Mother’s Day 2009. That was before both my kids started “real” school – heck, before I even had two kids. Over the years it’s featured the occasional guest post – most notably from Sherry Devlin (who’s now a grandmother!) at the Missoulian and Kathleen Clary Miller (also a grandmother!) out in Ninemile.

Just a few weeks back, Missoulian reporter Alice Miller switched beats and started covering childhood and K-12 education for the newspaper. So she would already have been a perfect addition to this blog – but then one day she brought a bunch of baby-themed cookies to the newsroom meeting and confirmed that she is preggers. And that clinched it.

A good thing, too, because I’m enjoying Alice’s posts just as much as Missoula Mom readers probably are – maybe even more. I so look forward to following along on her journey toward becoming a mom, and everything that follows.

So, Alice:

Thank you for joining Missoula Mom. I’m so happy you’re blogging with me!

Congratulations on your little bundle. It’s going to be amazing.

And happy Mother’s Day!