Considering it’s Montana, the likelihood of this warm spell turning into something long term is probably a daydream at best.

Spoiler alert: this weekend calls for rain and temps in the 50s.

Still, it’s hard not to get antsy to pull out the tent, blow up the raft and head off for adventure despite my growing belly.

In the meantime, it’s nice to hear neighborhood kiddos squeal in delight at some new adventure of their own at the community park or as they race around the block on their bikes. They throw themselves into playing catch or tag as wholeheartedly as if they were preparing to run a marathon or climb a mountain. For them, everything is a grand outing, full of potential for fun and discovery.

Missoulian photo editor Kurt Wilson captured this moment that sums up the mood around town …

happy kids

I like to think I haven’t lost my sense of simple curiosity with adulthood, but I’ve got to admit, it’s been a while since I got this excited about a garden hose.

Several summer trips we have on the books do have me giddy with anticipation. But even though they have yet to happen, I’ve caught myself thinking about the trips nostalgically.

Any float trips might be the last ones we take for a few years without having to find a babysitter. Biking Going to the Sun will be exhausting with a trailer in tow. Foreign travel might not make sense with a toddler who won’t remember much, if anything, anyway. And forget about pounding out 14 hours a day in the car.

When the gray skies roll in again this weekend — or when I feel like my adventure leash is getting tighter — I might just pull up this photo. It’s a good reminder amid all the baby books and admonitions about safety that kids are antsy for adventure too.

The photo will remind me that I am excited about helping Bob experience the world and all its wonders, even the ones as simple as a hose.