My favorite rainy day activity:

First thing in the morning, I run up to the kids and exclaim, “The worms! They need our help!” Then run to the front door and throw my shoes on.

The kids invariably stampede with me out to the road, which, after any amount of spring rain, is invariably strewn with long lines of earthworms, many of them still slowly sliming their way across the pavement.

Willow and Landon immediately set to work transferring the wriggling (or sometimes, completely limp) earthworms from the road and sidewalk to the grassy field. I stand watch for traffic.

“We have to save them!”

“Before the cars come!”

“Before the birds see them!”

“They could drown! Worms are not good swimmers!”

It takes about 20 minutes to free the earthworms on our block from their rainy fates. Although, once you start it’s hard not to keep going. I once experienced a major warp in the time-space continuum as we were biking to school, stopping every few feet to move more worms out of the road. We must have saved a thousand worms that day. Yet somehow, we were not late to school.

I love it. I love that my kids want to help as many worms as possible, even knowing that they can’t possibly save them all. And knowing that they won’t get any kind of a reward for it. Not even a thank-you.

It’s important to know that no matter how small you are, there is always someone smaller you could help.

And besides, picking up big, slithery, slimy worms is fun.