Mark your calendars: Aug. 17, 2014.

Not only is that day my birthday, but the doctor informed me it will be my child’s too. Well maybe. Birth dates are an imperfect science, he said.

Regardless, mark your calendars. It could be a momentous day in a long string of recent momentous days.

In June, I started as a reporter at the Missoulian. My husband Jared and I bought our first house here in November. In December we found out we should have bought one with more bedrooms.

Now we’re gradually trading in our weekend-warrior lifestyle for nesting activities like picking out paint colors for the baby’s room.

Choosing colors would be easier if we knew whether the baby is a boy or girl, but we decided to continue the theme of surprises and wait until the big debut. In the meantime, we’re calling the baby “Bob,” which is short for Baby On Board.

So help this motherhood newbie out with at least one pending decision – which shades of green and orange?