Two kids, two dogs, two cats. One me.

Sometimes it feels like not a day goes by that I’m not cleaning up somebody’s body fluids. Oh sure, my husband cleans up the cat barf too – but we both know I do a much more thorough job.

Chickadee This is our Chickadee. Don’t let her pose in this picture fool you – she’s fast and she’s a jumper. Given half a chance, she’ll sail right over our fence and run for the hills.

Cat blanketMaybe we need to turn the heat up in our house a little. Whenever I do go sit down, I’m instantly covered with cats.

Kid blanket Or maybe we’re just a family that likes to cuddle. This is Landon laying on Harley, who doesn’t mind it in the slightest. In fact, Harley follows the kids around the house from room to room, constantly nosing their hands for some pets.

I was inspired to post these pics after browsing through the new Missoula dogs slideshow put together by my colleagues at the Missoulian. It just goes to show how much we in Missoula love our dogs. All 45 photos are great, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to go with No. 34. How about you? Which one’s your favorite?

UPDATE: And here’s the new slideshow of cats!