Today the governor of Montana announced a whole heckuva lotta grant money for improving schools throughout the state.

The grants are from the Quality Schools Planning Grants Program. Missoula’s elementary district is set to get $25,000 and Missoula’s high schools will get another $25,000. Read on for the complete list of totals for 36 different districts throughout Montana:

Bullock Announces Grants to Update Montana Public Schools across the State

HELENA – Governor Steve Bullock announced $738,044 to 36 public school districts throughout Montana through the Montana Department of Commerce’s Quality Schools Planning Grants Program.

“Our kids should be receiving a twenty-first century education in buildings equipped with twenty-first century infrastructure,” said Governor Bullock. “Public school buildings across the state will receive updates that improve learning opportunities for Montana students—an investment we can all be proud of.”

These planning grants are part of the 2015 Biennium Quality Schools Grant Program funds.  The program provides financial assistance to K-12 public schools to improve their facilities and enhance learning opportunities for students.  Planning funds are awarded on a competitive basis and may be awarded in dollar amounts up to $25,000, and the applicant district must provide match on a 1:4 basis.  Awarded projects include school facility condition assessments, energy audits, Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER), Preliminary Architectural Reports (PAR), and comprehensive Master Plans.

“We’re proud to provide Montana schools with additional resources to help maintain and enhance our system of quality public education across the state,” said Department of Commerce Director Meg O’Leary.  “These funds will create jobs in local communities, while enhancing quality of life and protecting the health, safety and welfare of Montana’s public school students.”

Recipient districts include:

Southeast Montana:

  • Laurel (ELE), $20,000
  • Miles City (ELE), $20,000
  • Ashland (ELE), $9,600
  • Rosebud (K-12), $11,200
  • Pryor Elementary School (ELE) and Plenty Coups (HS), $13,875
  • Roundup (HS), $10,000
  • Park City (ELE & HS), $21,944

South Central Montana:

  • Shields Valley (ELE), $25,000
  • Townsend (K-12), $17,768
  • Three Forks (HS), $25,000
  • Bozeman (ELE), $25,000
  • Livingston (ELE), $25,000
  • East Helena (ELE), $25,000

Western Montana:

  • Libby (K-12), $25,000
  • Superior (K-12), $23,537
  • Troy (HS), $11,250
  • Lolo (ELE), $18,227
  • Missoula (HS), $25,000
  • Missoula (ELE), $25,000
  • Hamilton (K-12), $25,000
  • Stevensville (ELE & HS), $25,000
  • St. Regis (K-12), $24,996
  • Polson (HS), $8,177
  • Polson (ELE), $20,020
  • Fair-Mont-Egan (ELE), $3,750
  • Clinton (ELE), $25,000

Northeastern Montana:

  • Rocky Boy (HS), $25,000
  • Stanford (K-12), $25,000
  • Power (HS), $25,000
  • Havre (HS), $25,000
  • Hays Lodge Pole (K-12), $25,000
  • Conrad (ELE), $25,000
  • Wolf Point (HS), $16,500
  • Plentywood (K-12), $12,200
  • Sidney (ELE), $25,000

The Quality Schools Grant Program was created by the 2009 Legislature as part of the State’s long-term funding program for K-12 public school facility needs.  Through this competitive grant program, the needs across all the districts in the state are balanced, and the funds can focus on schools that demonstrate the most pressing facility needs.  Schools have access to grant amounts that many districts in the state would not receive through a traditional formula application.  More information on applying for a school facility project grant will be available in the spring of 2014.

For more information about the Quality Schools Grant Program, contact the Community Development Division staff at 841-2770 or e-mail