In keeping with the medical advice in this article, I’m going to be practicing some daily gratitude right here on this blog. I hear it’s good for one’s health:

According to data compiled by the University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center from its online gratitude journal, people who entered gratitude posts every day for 14 days showed significant increases in gratitude and happiness, greater satisfaction with life and higher resilience to stress. The group also reported fewer headaches and less stomach pain, coughs and sore throats.

But I’ll start off by just listing one thing each day up to Thanksgiving.

And since this is a mom blog, I’ll start by expressing thanks for the man who made me a mom: my husband.

Charlie has stuck with me since before we were married almost 10 years ago. He is amazingly loyal, big-hearted and – oh, what’s the word? Maybe brave is the closest I can get. He’s gone along with all my big ideas, no matter how new and scary. And he’s not only made the best of them – he’s made them the best. The very best experiences of my life.

I’m so very thankful for this man.