I really do love Halloween. Swear.

I don’t intend to be the Debbie Downer of Halloween – although that would make a pretty sweet costume.

See, my inbox is just overflowing with Halloween warnings from various groups. Here’s one subject line that caught my eye: “It’s scary what Halloween candy can do to orthodontic treatment.”

My kids don’t have braces (yet). But they are sporting roughly five loose teeth between the two of them. As awesome as it would be to have some of those teeth pulled out by candy, a visit from the Tooth Fairy on Halloween night is more than this momma wants to take on.

In any case, I was also intrigued by the list of orthodontia-friendly Halloween recipes. Aren’t Halloween-themed foods fun? The Missoulian ran an interesting Foods page feature yesterday on making “noir-hued” treats for grownups.

Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune

That right there is a picture of sauteed octopus over squid-ink pasta. I wouldn’t eat it, but hey.

Here’s the press release from the American Association of Orthodontists in full. Click on the link I included to see the recipes and photos (my favorite is probably the Spider Bites):

It’s scary what Halloween candy can do to orthodontics treatment.

With October 31 just around the corner, kids with braces will be tempted to chew on sticky candy that could tear off brackets and delay treatment.

But parents- don’t fear! For those of you hosting Halloween parties for adolescents with braces, try out these recipes for orthodontist-approved treats!

Frightful Finger Cookies

Goblin’s Gooey Apples

Halloween Parfait

Spider Bites

Goblin Goodies

Graveyard Shakes

Mounds of Brains Cookies

Witch’s Crystal Ball

Happy Halloween!