While I am waiting to see if the pregnant cat we are fostering from the Humane Society is going to have any more kittens – she has given birth to three so far today, and has been laboring since 4 a.m. – I’ve been going through the short list of unread mom-related business articles I save for occasions just such as these.

I’m a nerd.

One of the things I found interesting about this Crain’s New York Business.com article is that its headline about “Mompreneurs” immediately made me think the story would be about moms who start businesses, and the article does state that the infant good industry is “dominated” by women. But the two primary sources cited in the story are actually men – a father in one case and a man with no children in the other. So, duh, you don’t have to be a mom – or even a woman – to break into the newborn market.

And it’s an especially appealing market to cater to, apparently, because it is considered essentially “recession-proof,” and because there’s a thriving high-end niche in major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Of course, there are plenty of baby-centric businesses that were started by new parents right here in Missoula, too.