That’s right, among the hundreds (thousands?) of proposed bills Montana’s legislators will be looking at this session are dozens related to K-12 education, child welfare and, generally, Montana’s kids.

Public school parents have plenty of education proposals to dig into but home-school parents should be paying attention, too. In fact, there’s a draft bill on hold (LC 0891) that specifically calls for revisions to education law “to protect and support homeschooling.”

Tell you what I’ll do. On an as-I’m-able-to basis, I’ll tackle specific bills as drafts become available.

Let’s start with … hmmm … Senate Bill 44, which basically seeks to raise the age of compulsory school enrollment from 16 to 18. This would mandate that school-age kids would receive an education until they either turned 18 or met graduation requirements. The text of the draft bill is available here, and an Associated Press story on the bill is available here.

On a related note, there’s a rumor going around that another bill has been drafted that proposes to save the state money by returning kindergarten to half-days (currently we have full-day kindergarten in Montana). I’m hoping to come across this as I delve into the legislative session, but if anyone knows what bill contains this proposal please send me the bill number, as it would help me cut to the chase.

And if you have a favorite – or particularly despised – piece of state legislation, just let me know and I’ll tackle it next.

– MM