Somers/Lakeside food service director Robin Vogler, who helped the Somers Lakeside school district meet the Healthier Montana Menu Challenge, gets a big shout-out in this letter to the editor that came in today.

Re: Creative Cafeteria,

What an inspiration Robin Vogler is.  If you see this letter, Robin, would you consider sharing your recipes, or, as a fundraiser, publish a cookbook with menu suggestions from your soup and salad bar and grab-and-go table?  Both of my daughters and probably other young mothers would love to have information about how to add vegetables to the menu.

When my children were young, I tried to feed them healthy meals and have them look forward to holidays when they could have some traditional family treats only to have the schools ruin Halloween and other holidays by having their own holiday celebrations so the children were stuffed with sugary treats by the time they got home.  If that makes me a curmudgeon, so be it.

I do grind my own hamburger and pork, but use fresh carrots instead of fat, and you can add kale to potato soup or scalloped potatoes.  Kale is packed with vitamins, is very easy to grow, and will last through the winter if protected from snow.

Pat Redler,

I’ve never heard of using carrots instead of fat – but you can bet I’ll be giving it a try. Thanks to Vogler and Redler, I’m rolling in tips on how to make healthier food for the whole family.

– MM