Barbara Wickel, who heads the Ronald McDonald House in Missoula and who is, incidentally, a member of the Missoulian’s editorial advisory board, sent out an e-mail seeking candidates for her daughter’s research project. Here’s the e-mail and the details, if you want to participate or help spread the word:

From Barbara Wickel: “My daughter is collecting data for her Master’s thesis. She needs lots of people to take a survey to complete her research. Could you please distribute this to everyone on your email list (church lists, work lists, etc.) and take it yourself if you meet the criteria. She needs this information as soon as possible so please try to get this out soonest!

“Coping Mothers – Internet-Based Research Study

“The Coping Mothers project is a research study examining the effects of perceived health, coping methods, and differentiation on relationship satisfaction 6-12 months postpartum mothers. Your participation in the study may help researchers learn how differentiation and coping abilities when dealing with health problems effects relationship satisfaction.

“Researchers are looking for women who meet all the following criteria:

· First time mothers with child(ren) who are 6-12 months of age

· Are currently in a long-term relationship or marriage with the child’s father

· Are fluent in English

“If you are interested in participating in this internet-based research project, please click on the link below (no password needed) or cut and paste the following URL address:

“If you have questions or concerns before deciding to participate, please call Dr. Anne Edwards at Purdue University Calumet (219) 989-2863, or email her at This study was approved by the institutional review board at Purdue University on December 11, 2009, (protocol #0912008704).”

– MM