I had just spent the afternoon painting kids’ faces at my daughter’s day care Halloween party when I saw on KPAX that Women’s Voices for the Earth was spreading the word about a Campaign for Safe Cosmetics report that found lead and other metals in children’s face paint. Snooping around online a bit more, I found that the Missoula Independent also got the lowdown.

That face-painting kit I was using? Yep, it’s on the list. Which is just perfect, really, because what would I have to worry about on Halloween – besides the usual sharp metal objects and poison hiding in trick-or-treat candy and, this year, H1N1 – if not for poison in my child’s face paint?

I complain, but I really am glad WVE is part of a campaign to actually study what goes into this stuff. And I’m glad I know about it now, so I can avoid using it again.

– MM