Here’s a sweet story about two longtime educators retiring from Missoula County Public Schools. Caroline Pockolick is leaving Washington Middle School after 41 years in the Missoula school system, and George Sendon is leaving his post as Willard Alternative High School’s principal.

Also on Sunday, a report from the American Enterprise Institute gave Montana’s universities poor marks for graduation rates. According to the story, the study lists the University of Montana’s grad rate at a measly 42 percent, and Montana State University’s at 48 percent.

I also want to point out this opinion piece from U.S. Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell, urging folks to get their kids involved in National Get Outdoors Day this past Saturday. I can say we participated – the whole family went camping Saturday night, and we had a blast. Willow and the dogs played in the dirt, played in the water – heck, they even played with salmon flies – and got eaten by mosquitos despite the gallons of bug spray we used. Can’t wait to do it again!

– Tyler Christensen