Every day, I am awestruck by the people who share their lives and stories with our newspaper and its readers. This Mother’s Day, Jennifer Groneberg is in my thoughts because of the lovely and remarkably honest story she shared with Missoulian reporter Vince Devlin and photographer Kurt Wilson.

Jennifer is mom to twin boys, Bennett and Avery, and their older brother, Carter. Avery has Down syndrome. And theirs is a story not just of acceptance and adaptation, but of embracing every child for who they are. In this story in Sunday’s Missoulian, Jennifer tells of the grief she felt when Avery was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and of how her other two sons showed her how to move past grieving the Avery she had imagined to cherishing the Avery she received.

“Carter understands Down syndrome because he let Avery teach him what it meant,” she says. “Bennett doesn’t care, because Bennett doesn’t know what it’s like to not have a brother with Down syndrome.”

Now, Jennifer doesn’t know if she would “cure” Avery, even if that were possible. “I love who he is,” she says. “I’d be so scared if you took away the Down syndrome he’d be different.”

You can hear more of Jennifer’s thoughts and see more photographs in our audio slideshow, here.

Happy Mother’s Day, Jennifer. And thank you, for sharing your boys and your story with all moms.

Sherry Devlin